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Excuse Buster

Excuse 7: I can't quit because I'm addicted

Smoking is an addiction that is undeniably tough to quit, but its not impossible.  With a lot of determination you can do it. Your GP can also prescribe medication to replace the nicotine and help with cravings. 

Excuse 6: Smoking looks good

For some people, holding a cigarette seems attractive and fashionable but many people find the sight of a smoker unattractive. Yellow fingernails, blackened fingers and a stained tongue are not a pretty sight!

Excuse 5: Quitting will ruin my social life.

You may class yourself a social smoker, who only has a cigarette when you’re with friends or during nights out. There are other ways of being social such as going out for lunch instead of going out for a cigarette. 

Excuse 4: It's not the right time to quit smoking

It is best not to try and quit during particularly stressful times so pick a date, such as the beginning of a holiday or working week. Telling lots of people that you are giving up will make you more likely to quit too.


Excuse 3: I'll get stressed

Despite what you may think, nicotine doesn’t calm you down.

Cravings between cigarettes make you feel stressed, so when you smoke the cigarette you feel calmer. You’ll feel less stressed once you quit and don’t have cravings.

Excuse 2: I'll gain weight

Medical evidence shows that nicotine doesn't stop you getting hungry. Nicotine makes you burn calories faster, but as long as you remember that you need less food energy, quitting won't actually make you gain weight.

Excuse 1: The damage is done

Not yet! In fact, as soon as you start to quit, your body starts to repair itself. You’ll notice improvements in your breathing and sense of taste and smell just a few days after stopping. 


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  • After several failed attempts I've finally stopped smoking, using the patches and determination. A fantastic incentive is to save up the oney I used to waste on cigarettes - it's going towards a holiday!